五月 15, 2010





Just a perfect film for me, I suppose

Jennifier is so glamorous!! at her age

still makes me laugh just like FRIENDS

i really miss rachel green….and i really hope the Friends Movie can happen, just like SATC2

and Gerard Butler, I must say he is just like another man

he won’t be the same every time I watch him

last time in ugly truth, he was a smart, hilarious TV host

in Gamer he was a soldier (in virtual game?!) full of macho

and now he transformed himself into a divorced man lacking of self-confident

I must say his acting is getting so much better

AND I don’t agree that Bounty Hunter has a bad script

at least it’s a decent, hilarious script that can relax audiences

tht’s wht a romance comedy needs

and this film is perfect in a way that Jennifer and Gerard are so good in the 內心戲!!

when they are in the cupid, the scene is so real and touching

and of coz, there’s the gambling scene with TICK TOCK (KESHA)!!

This is the film I have longed for, and I love it!!!

8.5 for the film, and 1+ for Gerard and Jennifer!


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